Vincents Human Form.

Vincent is an evil young demon of Mikes Army. He is a poisonous, toxic demon who is the son of the dreaded Greek Gorgon Medusa. Because of this, Vincent can turn people into stone if they look directly into his eyes.

He also spews toxic gas out of his body, killing and poisoning people. His evil, wide grin has been known to put terror in even the hardiest of RUC officers.


Once a normal half-human child, Vincent began to learn about Demons at a young age. Believing he can control the demons he decided to spectral summon the spirit of Mikennemonic and control him so he can impress his mother, Medusa. However, Mikes evil demonic influences began to surge into Vincent, peeling his skin and leaving a permanent, evil grin on his face. Vincent, now a demon went to his mother Medua and beheaded her while eating her entire body. She ate Medusas brain, becoming a strong demon gorgon with toxic powers.

Vincent became the Demon transformer due to this. He now works with the likes of Bern, Soviet Steve, SpotxSpott, Glackenburgen, Hatter, Hitlerchu, and Ambush Bug to destroy the 3rd Multiverse and plunge the world into darkness.

Battle on Transylvania

A big, notable battle involving the evil demon Vincent. The Radioactive Uber Clan heard a disturbance at Count Chocula's home town, Transylvania about toxic gas killing people everywhere. When they went to Transylvania, they had to wear gas masks. They saw Vincent, swallowing newborn babies whole. Fat Albert and Felix the Cat both charged at Vincent, who used his toxic barrier to blow them away.

In a fit of rage, Count Chocula attacked Vincent with a spear and stabbed him. VIncent, knowing that he is destroying Chocula's home town showed Count Chocula something important to him: His pregnant wife. Count Chocula, shocked tried to negotiate with Vincent for the safety of his wife and unborn child. Vincent however, with the power of Berns nega-energy, turned his wife into a demon. Chocula was forced to kill his wife and child and he broke down afterwards.

The wounded Vincent escaped, bleeding all over while Count Chocula was in tears. This made Count Chocula mildly depressed for a while and he swore revenge on Vincent for the death of his family.

Vincent Demon

Vincents Demon form.