Evil tomato by jv9ufxcy on DeviantArt

The Tomato King is an evil, shapeshifting mutant tomato with an IQ of 800. It is an enemy of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is known for using his psychic waves to control an army of fruits and vegetables.

When Popeye The Sailor was looking around for a little girl, he saw an army of apples and tomatoes eating her remains. This traumatized Popeye which in turn he attacked and killed them. He saw the Tomato King commanding them. The Tomato King said that he'll control the universe with is psychic powers because his people have been eaten by human beings and wants revenge.

The Tomato King speaks with a rough, Russian accent and is known to devour people. He is a monster to be feared. Popeye had an epic battle with him but lost due to the sheer amount of fruits and vegetables he had.

The Tomato King, along with MikennemonicNostalgia CriticReggie Fils-Aime, and the Doom Virus are all part of the Demonic Court of demonic evil to destroy the world.