Popeye reading to his first son, Swee'Pea.

Swee'pea was Popeye The Sailor's very first son, before the now born Popeye Jr. Popeye's first lover gave birth to Swee'pea but unfortunately, she died while giving birth. This made Popeye extremely protective of his first son.

Swee'pea was once kidnapped by Tupac Shakur who wanted the baby dead but Popeye ultimately saved Swee'pea.

When Popeye was fighting against the evil Mikennemonic and his Army, Swee'pea was kidnapped by Bern and Hatter. Popeye fought through a bunch of evil demons and attacked and defeated Hatter. Bern however, was holding the baby hostage. Popeye tried to stop Bern from killing Swee'pea but Bern pointed at some dynamite strapped on the young baby. Before realizing it, Bern tossed the baby in the air and Hatter, with a detonator, pressed the detonator and blew the baby up into guts. Bern and Hatter began to lick up the babys blood and grabbed his organs to give to Mike for dinner later on.

Distraught over this, Popeye fell into a deep depression. Popeye put the dead Swee'peas head into a jar and put it by his desk to remember his most important loss ever. This made Popeye very vengeful to Mike and vows to make sure the same fate doesn't happen to Popeye Jr.