Ripster, Big Slammu, Streex, and Jab.

The Street Sharks are four individual sharks who were saved by Jabberjaw from Japanese sea poachers and later joined the RUC.

They are the brawns of the RUC and are known as "The Walking Shark Tanks" due to their sheer size and strength. What they lack in intelligence, they have in strength.

Each shark is different but they have similar traits. All four of the sharks are aggressive and sloppy eaters but they enjoy all kinds of food. They also love to help the elderly.


Streex is the light blue shark. He loves to play basketball and is good at playing basketball. He also has a fondness for cats, which is why he hangs out with Felix the Cat and Pink Panther off duty.

Despite his strength, he is always wondering if he's doing the right thing in life and questions his morality. Other than this, he is a kind-hearted but stubborn shark.


Ripster is the leader of the Street Sharks. He is the oldest Street Shark and is the most aggressive. He enjoys to mess around with his enemies before defeating them so he can watch as their hope is broken for justice. He is rather territorial and hates it when people touch his food.

He was a heavyweight champion before he lost the belt from a cheater. Ever since then, he has been the most ruthless and aggressive of the street sharks.


Jabs(not to be confused with Jabberjaw) is the Hammerhead and the most intelligent brother of the Street Sharks. He enjoys literacy and wants to become president one day.

Despite his sloppy eating, he is a vegitarian and refuses to eat meat despite being a shark. He looks up to Jabberjaw as the brother he never had and wishes to be like him.

Big Slammu

Big Slammu is the most agile and largest of the Street Sharks. He is twice the size of the other Street Sharks and loves to wrestle people, even other RUC members.

Popeye The Sailor has calmed him down a bit but he is still the most unstable of the Street Sharks. Despite all this, he wants to run an orphanage for children that have lost their parents during a war. He also takes care of a young Jewish girl  whose parents got killed by the KKK.


There was a fifth Street Shark named Rox. He enjoyed rock music and wanted to be a musician after every war was over in the world. However, Jabberjaw was too late in saving Rox and he was pierced in the heart by the Japanese poachers.

His death made the Street Sharks more aggressive and short tempered.

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The Street Sharks after the Great Fall