Spiffy's human form.

Spiffyfishface is a member of Mikes Army and is a demon. He is their Demonic Scouter.

Spiffy was one of the original demons to wage war against God. After the defeat of Satan, him, Spiffy, and the other demons were cast in the underworld.

Spiffy tried to wage war against god on his own until Jesus tied him into a room of holy chains. For a million years, Spiffy would be there.

One day however the evil Mikennemonic broke into Heaven and set him free. To show how grateful and loyal he is to Mike now, Spiffy began to castrate himself and drank his own blood. He became a demonic loyal member of the demon army ever since.

He battles with demonic chain whips and he likes to torture his victims. He also loves to bite peoples tongues off while castrating them in front of their families.

Spiffy however was seriously wounded when Radioactive Uber Clans member Cyril Sneer came and shot his foot before tearing off his toenails. Due to this incident, Spiffy is currently in a wheelchair and his powers are halved by 50%.

He is still healing but the RUC knows they must destroy him at all cost.


Spiffy's demon form.

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