The RUC's financial manager.

Joseph Ruben's Nuts or just Ruben's Nuts is a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and is the RUC's financial manager. He is in charge of distributing money to the RUC and help them fund projects. Once a billionare, that all changed when evil demon Ambush Bug terrorist bombed his company and killed his employers, leaving him penniless.


Joseph Ruben's Nuts is the successor of his father, Pops Ruben's Nuts of the "Ruben Nuts Factory of Nuts" or RNFN for short. He was living the life as a billionare: Slept with many women, used his money on expensive luxery items, and had butlers to serve him while at the same time, he was making sure the company was alive through changing the recipe to the Southern style Nuts they serve which is the most popular brand of nuts the RNFN serves.

One day however evil demon Ambush Bug decided to do a terrorist bombing on Ruben's Nuts company. Ambush Bug began to murder his employers including his wife, Tarissa Nuts in front of his eyes.

When he ran off he stumbled across Popeye The Sailor. Popeye felt great strength within Ruben and recruited him to the RUC as he was talking about what happened. This made Popeye very mournful over the loss of the billionare's company.

To this day Ruben's Nuts wants to create a megacorporation for good and get a monopoly on everything so he can make sure no one will be left penniless and he will donate his stuff to the homeless and children.


Ruben is unique that his ability to crack open nuts gives him all sorts of powers. Some nuts he cracks summons allies on his side while other nuts he cracks give him the ability to summon meteors, tsunami's, or black holes. His nuts are from the sacred Zulu tribe tree. If he eats a Zulu Tribe tree Nut he gains strength, speed, and defense over it. With the nuts he has, he has many tricks up his sleeves.


Ruben's Nuts after the Great Fall, becoming the leader of the Nutella Mafia.

After the Great Fall, Rubens Nuts fell into a deep depression and ran some businesses. Due to his strength, he unknowingly became the new boss of the Nutella Mafia, whom are now loyal to the RUC.