Possible image of the Roman Invader.

The Roman Invader is the name given to a hacker who managed to hack into Fat Albert Facebook account, causing the site to lock down his account and even stole his Social Security Number and Credit Card info.

When Albert was trying to get into his account to work on the Radioactive Uber Clan Facebook page, he realized his account got locked. No matter what he did, he couldn't get access to his account. When he contacted Facebook about this, they told Albert that they locked his account down since it was logged in from Rome and suspicious activity was going on so they had to lock it down.

Later on Albert found out his other info were compromised by someone from Rome again. The RUC dubbed this evil hacker the "Roman Invader".

Popeye The Sailor is speculating that the Roman Hacker was hired by Mikennemonic to steal the RUC's info because the day Mike came back in May was the same day Albert was having issues and when the Roman Invader struck, according to Facebook themselves.

The RUC is currently putting him on their ten most wanted list for stealing RUC info and possibly selling it back to Mikes Army.

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