The Prophecy is a message sent by God to Popeye The Sailor right after he got into his car crash that told him of upcoming events. It foreshadowed Popeye becoming a hero, battling against demons like Mikennemonic, Mr. JapNostalgia Critic, and Tupac Shakur

It also foreshadowed Popeye creating the Radioactive Uber Clan to stop Mr. Jap, about various members including Fat AlbertFelix the Cat, and Jabberjaw as well as a potential apocalypse scenario.

However the prophecy is missing some words so it's difficult to understand its full meaning. The prophecy has been deciphered the best it has been.

Prophecy itself

NOTE: *****'s mean this is missing text.

********* Ermerging from the flames *******

**** a Great *** *** Hero ermerges.

The Hero will meet allies and evil.

The Evil will ***** the entire world.

**** A Shark, A man, and a cat will be **** *** ** ******

A great evil ermerges from the *******

************** ******** ***** *************************


The hero and the evil will **************** 

If the hero will win the world is saved.

***** *** ******

If the hero shall fall the world will be engulfed in slavery and flames.

The Hero must rise. The villain must fall.

Centuries building up for this showdown.

Hero please stand up.



*************** ***********************************


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