Merlin official

The RUC Teacher.

Merlin The Wizard was a member of the Radioactive Uber Clan and one of the four original members: The other three being Popeye The SailorJafar, and Count Chocula. The four of them took out Mr. Jap and put the RUC on the map as heroes.

He had the powers of using magic on his side to control animals, transform things into birds, levitate, and shoot magical missiles. However, he taught some RUC members including NoidFat AlbertMr. Rogers, and Jabberjaw.

He is wise and he likes to speak in rhymes. He gianed his intelligence for the 500 years he has been on this very Earth and knows almost every nook and cranny. He joined the RUC when Popeye defeated him in battle and he realized that Popeye was the one that the Gypsy, Madam Gramm said: The Hero that will lead an army who will save the world from evil.


When Merlin was patrolling the country-side for any potential demons he saw a car backed up. Inside the car was the evil, shapeshifting demon Bern. Merlin tried to tell Bern that he had three seconds before he'd capture him but suddenly Bern shot a fire missile at him.

His entire body was charred and if it wasn't for the video on his car, no one would of known that was Merlin. His body was found by Fat Albert and Jabberjaw as they went out to search for him.


Every last RUC member went to Merlins funeral that day. Everyone was crying over his death: Especially Popeye who not only lost a teacher but one of his best friends as well. They put a 9 billion dollar bounty on Bern over his death and promise they will avenge him.

Quote from Popeye in the funeral: 

Radioactive Uber Clan...friends...loved ones...we lost a valuable member today. He was one who fought with me during the Mr. Jap era and he saved my life several times. He was one of the first people who came by my side and he was loved by many. His name was Merlin. Merlin the Wizard. He was a very powerful and wise wizard, even if he did speak in rhymes. He was someone we all cared about.

He taught everyone with the way of fighting and being wise: Albert, Jabberjaw, Noid, all of you. Every last member...he taught you all. That evil demon Bern burned Merlin to death. We shall avenge the RUC wizard! Even in death he will be remembered! He is a living legend! This beer is for you Merlin! We shall remember you throughout the years and talk to you in legend! Farewell old chum! GOODBYE MY FRIEND!!!

Merlin the Wizard was put into the RUC hall of fame after his death.

Tombeau de merlin

Merlins grave.