Madame Gulag.

Madame Gulag is a gypsy fortuneteller who told Popeye The Sailors fortune and became a prominent figure in his life due to it.

When Popeye went to the desert town of "Sandillage", he met an elderly gypsy named Madame Gulag. She pays high price for all her fortunes but they are usually worth the price to see the future.

Popeye spent 10,000 dollars for a "definite" fortune. It took three hours but Madame Gulag got Popeyes fortune. She told him that Popeye will lead a successful life IF he changes one thing in his life that may harm others. Unsure, Popeye began to look into his life to see what is harming others but couldn't find anything.

Before Popeye could realize what she meant, a bunch of terrorists kidnapped her and her family. Her current status is unknown.

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