An ally of the Radioactive Uber Clan but not an official member, Lady Tremaine is a woman who wants to educate people on the proper way of being a human ever since her daughter, Cinderella transformed into a demon and sunk her homeland.

On the chance she battles, she usually goes with a whip and a revolver due to her uses in quickdraws.


She is a very tough woman who dislikes humor but is very kind to the RUC. She doesn't want to join the RUC officially due to her feeling restricted if she does and she wants to take care of her two daughters, Anatasia and Drizella. She greatly dislikes anything sexual and only sees sex as a way of reproduction, not anything erotic. She is a proud Christian but she loves to teach people how to be a good member of society.

Ever since her third daughter, Cinderella destroyed her homeland when she turned into a demon she has a sheer hatred for demons in general, even to the point where she threatened to harm Detective Strawberry for not letting her go into a demon infested area.

She however, has a softer side. She is in love with Noid due to him reminding her of her brother who died in the Gulf War. She does not tolerate lollygagging or foolishness though.


When Popeye The Sailor was trying to fight some of Tomato King's evil demons, Lady Tremaine came to the rescue and saved him. She told Popeye that she spent three years in a boat with her two daughters Anatasia and Drizella due to her third daughter, Cinderella sinking her homeland. This has traumatized Tremaine and she needed therapy.

She helped the RUC several times and each time Popeye gives her the offer to join the RUC she declines. However, she did give Popeye the idea of RUCamps and despite her not wanting to be an RUC member, she decides to run every RUCamp as a way to repay him with respect.

On 8/22/2015 it has been revealed that Lady Tremaine is pregnant with the Noids child.

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