Kuglov Ruslanovich was Popeye The Sailors apprentice and a junior member of the Radioactive Uber Clan. He was a 17 year old man from Russia who was being attacked by Slime People. When the Slime people came to his hometown in Russia and attacked him, the RUC came to his rescue.

Grateful of this, Kuglov wanted to join the RUC badly. Due to his young age though, Popeye was hesitant. After a bit though, Popeye recruited him as his apprentice and as a junior member. He became their RUC patrolman where he drives around with a camera and record the area, looking for demons. One time he saved a woman from being eaten by a T.A.R.D Babies by strangling it until he snapped its neck.

He was considered to be a shy and kindhearted person who wants whatever is best for his friends. He even called Popeye his "True Father" to him, signaling he cares more about the RUC than his parents.

He has a deep fear of Witches, His Aunt, and trash due to a traumatic experience.


On 5/24/15 during a night patrol Kuglov was doing his usual business by driving and recording the area. That is until he saw a figure in the dark. It was evil demon Bern walking to him in the shape of his Aunt. Due to his traumatic fear of witches and his abusive Aunt, he ended up screaming as loud as he can and broke down crying. He was trying to drive away from the evil demon Bern when he backed up into the highway and caused a 120 car crash pile up, killing him instantly.

When Popeye went to the crash, he saw his dead adopted son and broke down crying. The police were trying to take the camera away from the scene when Felix the Cat kindly asked them to give the camera to them in which they did.

Popeye held Kuglovs corpse for 3 hours, crying over the death of his apprentice and adopted son. His funeral will be held on the 2nd of June.

BREAKING NEWS Popeye's apprentice killed by Bern!

BREAKING NEWS Popeye's apprentice killed by Bern!