The Main House Theatre, The Maltings Theatre & Arts Centre, Berwick-upon-Tweed, March 2009

Jabberjaw theater.

Jabberjaw Theater is a special Theater house named by Jabberjaw where Jabberjaw goes to and hosts his own show "Jabberjaw Theatershow" where he cracks jokes while tell stories about his moments in the Radioactive Uber Clan. Jabberjaw also has a deep, secret bunker under it where he uses in case of  Demons attacking the theater.

The Theater is also where Jabberjaws hidden family heirlooms are kept as well as his special "Combat suit" to protect himself from high level demons. Jabberjaw puts on his combat suit to battle against the worst of the worst demons.

Sometimes when Jabberjaw ain't available to do a show, Dr. Zitbag will fill in instead with his personal show, "Zitbags Adventure Hour" where Dr. Zitbag will reenact an adventure he had with the Radioactive Uber Clan with some puppets.

The Jabberjaw Theater gets millions of dollars in revenue for the RUC and is extremely popular among the masses.

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