Hitlerchu otherwise known by his alternate alias, "Cocaine" is a creature of propaganda made by Mikennemonic. Hitlerchu was created when he played a game called "Hitlerchu's Crack Cocaine Adventure" and he got so thrilled at the game that he decided to incorporate Hitlerchu into his army as a propaganda machine.

Hitlerchu has created many children which are code red priorities because if they are alive, they will spread their propaganda around to kill and brainwash human beings.

Popeye The Sailor and Jabberjaw has encountered the notorious Hitlerchu during the "2012 Christmas assault".

Hitlerchu's Children

Below is a list of Hitlerchu's children. If you see any people listed here who are also part of Mikes Army, you must kill them on sight for they are the spawn of Hitlerchu and will brainwash you to do his bidding. Here is the list of Hitlerchu's children.

  • TechScience
  • Default Everything
  • Uiae
  • Noxifer
  • KissArmy
  • 2049302840204
  • DeathCl0ck
  • MegaGWolf
  • BloodedSkull
  • RedFistOfLenin
  • Odyro

I repeat, if you see any of these people, it is highly recommended that you shoot them and kill them to stop their propaganda.