Ham Gravy

Harold Hamgravy or Ham Gravy for short, was Olive Oil's first boyfriend as well as Popeye The Sailor childhood friend. When Popeye's parents were killed by Mr. Jap, Ham Gravy went to Popeyes side each day. The two were great friends until Ham Gravy began to date Olive Oil. At first their relationship was great but over time Ham Gravy became more and more abusive to Olive Oil to the point that the Radioactive Uber Clan had to step in and call him out on him being abusive. This made Olive Oil fall in love with Popeye.

Popeye later discovered why Ham Gravy was so abusive: He turned himself into a Demon in order to save his sister from cancer. He signed a contract from the evil Mikennemonic stating that if he becomes a demon, his sister will be saved. This all changed however when his sister died from the cancer which made him enraged and wanting to kill Popeye and the rest of the RUC due to his sisters death.

Popeye and Ham Gravy had a battle inside a Ferry boat. The two fought but in the end, Popeye won. Due to his failure, the evil demon Mikennemonic began to burn the body of Ham Gravys sister in front of his eyes to torture him. Being a broken man, Ham Gravy was captured by the RUC and put into a deep, dark, dank prison for his crimes against humanity with a shock collar on him so he won't escape. Popeye has been feeding Ham Gravy a type of bean called "Uber Beans" which are said to turn minor demons back into humans.

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