Golden Card 0

A Golden Card is a magical item that prevents the transformation of demons. Every member of the Radioactive Uber Clan is required to have one to prevent turning into Demons. Their creation is unknown but Popeye The Sailor first found them in a chest from a long dead man named "Robert Wheeler".

Robert Wheeler was into demon research ever since he summoned the evil Mikennemonic for questioning on what a demon really is. The evil Mikennemonic pointed to Robert Wheeler about a temple that holds all his answers. So Robert Wheeler and his band of sixteen other friends went to the temple to learn more about demons when they were suddenly ambushed. Mikennemonic has tricked them into going here so he can have a blood orgy and turn people into demons. Robert found a strange stash of golden cards and grabbed one of them to sell if he survived. Mike shot his demonic mouth ray at his friends, turning them all into demons. Mike aimed and shot Robert Wheeler but it was reflected off. The golden card saved his life.

Ever since then, Robert Wheeler decided to make more golden cards with the technique only he knew after going back to the temple after Mike's evil army left. He made a note with the golden cards stashed in there on how to make them yet only Popeye and tech expert Fat Albert are the only ones who know about this. Albert knows so he can help me Golden Factories to make more Golden cards for the RUC in their war against the demons.

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