Friend or foe? We may never know.

Detective Strawberry is a member of the International Police force and is their ace detective. He has been after the Radioactive Uber Clan for years, trying to show that they're vigilantes and causing trouble when in reality, he is wrong and is letting the emotions of his dead daughter get in his way.

His Daughter was killed by T.A.R.D Babies in front of his eyes and when he saw Popeye The Sailor who tried to comfort him over the loss of his daughter but he got so angry he vowed revenge on both the demons for killing his daughter and the RUC for letting his daughter die.

He has arrested many RUC soldiers but they were let go shortly after due to the higher ups in the International Police Force rejecting his ideas of arresting them. He tries to let the police force arrest the RUC but his fellow officers know how heroic the RUC is.

Over the years he has been questioning and is believing they are good. It remains a mystery if he will become an ally of the Radioactive Uber Clan or if he will hinder the Polices progress due to his emotions running wild due to the loss of his daughter.

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