Clan Meetings are meetings in the Uber Court where the Radioactive Uber Clan plot and discuss latest events. These can go on for hours, or in one case an entire month. The RUC leader Popeye The Sailor usually pours Red Wine to everyone as proof that the meeting is starting. Every RUC figure has a chair for them when they sit around the Uber Court.

They usually make their big plots here. When a meeting is urgent it is called a Black Meeting where everyone must go to the Uber Court immediately due to some major incident happening. When a meeting is just there to review situations they are called a Red Meeting. When they are to announce a victory they are called a Nuclear Meeting. Regular meetings are just called Clan Meetings though.

When the meeting is done Popeye tosses a golden knife to signal the Clan Meeting has ended.

To date there has been over 2000 clan meetings, all varying in time.

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