Chalice, the Great Woman of the Divines is a legendary woman who is associated with the RUC. From ancient times, she aided Waldo in saving Jesus Christ from Jebidiah. When Jesus was crucified, Chalice found a way to gain immortality with the use of Holy Magic. To this day, she helps the Radioactive Uber Clan while at the same time, use her Holy magic to keep her youth and young appearance despite being 1000 years old. She is considered to be the most beautiful, pure, and innocent person the Radioactive Uber Clan has ever been associated with.

Chalice has a huge dislike for Unholy and demonic beings like demons, witches, zombies, and Radioactive demons. She has created a program to slaughter them all.


As a young woman during Ancient times, Chalice was beautiful, youthful, energetic, and exotic. She was friends with Waldo. However, when Jesus was about to be killed by the evil demon Jebidiah, she helped Waldo form the Toxic Clan to save him. She helped drive Jebidiah off and took some of his blood when the demon bled. However, Jesus was crucified which made her slightly depressed. One day however, a bunch of evil Demons and T.A.R.D Babies slaughtered her family and took their decapitated heads to use for their demonic urine. This made Chalice even more slightly depressed. Due to this, she made a potion with Jebidiahs blood and Holy magic to create an Immortality potion.

When she heard of the RUC's heroic efforts, she wanted to see if they were real. The youthful woman met up with Popeye The Sailor and talked to him. He told her how the evil demon Tupac Shakur was slain. Thankful of all this Holy endeavor, she decided to bless the RUC with her magic of Holy Love. The Holy Love blinds the RUC with love and makes them even more powerful and caring than ever before.

To this day, Chalice gives a private letter to Popeye telling him to do requests and warn him of incoming demon attacks. There is a room in the RUC HQ full of these letters known as the "Chalice Room".


Being the Immortal, Beautiful woman that she is, Chalice has powerful holy magic. She is known to vaporize demons with her holy, white magic. For every demon she kills and absorbs, they become holy energy and keep her young. If she stops killing demons however, she begins to age. This does not affect her immortality however.

With her Holy Magic, Holy Love she gives the RUC power and makes them even more loving and caring than they already are.

Her Holy magic gives fear to Mikes Army and demons throughout the world to due to her holiness and pure-heartedness.


Chalice after the Great Fall

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