Becky Schillings is a regular high school girl turned into Jabberjaw's apprentice. She is the sister of the now turned demon, Anne Schillings and they both went to the same high school together. While Anne was popular around the school, Becky was the target for bullies due to her nerd-like traits. One time the bullying got so bad, Jabberjaw of the Radioactive Uber Clan stepped in to tell the bullies to knock it off when he saw it on school grounds.

This lead to Becky admiring Jabberjaw, thinking he'll help her get back at the bullies more.

One day however, Anne was yelling at his sister over the Radioactive Uber Clan in the school entranceway. Becky realized something wasn't right about Anne and after a bit she noticed he was turning into a Demon. She tried to warn the campus about Anne being a demon but it was too late as Anne caused the furnace boiler room to explode, blowing up the entire school and everyone but Anne and Becky died.

The Radioactive Uber Clan came to the scene and were protecting Becky from her demon brother. Jabberjaw had the idea to pour cement onto Anne to stop him for good. He grabbed the nearby cement truck and poured all the cement inside it into Anne, turning him into a living statue.

Becky thanked the RUC and decided to be Jabberjaws apprentice. To this day she is learning Jabberjaws way of being an RUC Historian and she currently leads the main RUC Observer building deciding which news stories make it in. She ran away from her parents to learn from Jabberjaw and want to get back at the bullies, who were later discovered to be demons for ruining her life.

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