Popeye the sailor by eltonpot-d353z4e

Popeye the Sailor is the powerful leader of the Radioactive Uber Clan. He is also the founder of the RUC.

When Popeye was only 11 his nation was attacked by the forces of Mr. Jap. His parents were killed in the midst of this upbringing leaving Popeye to train in the Polar seas with Polarnites. 40 years later Popeye met with Mr. Jap once again to exact his revenge but this time with a heroic team: The Radioactive Uber Clan


A tough, powerful human being that doesn't give up when he is outnumbered. Popeye is also giving to his friends and strangers. Those who oppose Popeye however will face a quick demise.


Popeye is both a powerhouse and a strategist. He plans his attacks to make sure there is no weak point. Popeye's spinach also grants him the powers of a demi-god but every time he uses it he faints from how powerful it is. He only did this two times: Against Mr. Jap and against Tupac Shakur's army.


- Popeye's favorite drink is Ginger Ale because he dislikes soda companies.

- When Popeye was two, he got into a bad car accident that left him with a scar under his hat and it made him forget stuff.

- Popeye had a son named Swee'pea but he was murdered.

- Popeye has his own charity foundation "The RUFoundation".


Popeye after the Great Fall

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